Monday, November 24, 2008

While You Were Sleeping...

If only it was all a dream.

I hope everybody had some nice dreams last night (except Ty, cuz he's a Vikings fan, and Vikings fans should have nightmares every night), because while you were sleeping the government was handing more of your money over to Wall St.

The Fed decided to "invest" $20 billion more in Citigroup late Sunday night without as much as a question, a plan or a peek at their breasts.

The government is also planning to absorb about $300 billion in troubled assets that may or may not pan out to be anything.

The $20 billion "investment" is in addition to the $25 billion that Citigroup already got from the bailout package just last month.

CEO's from the Big Three really need to take notes from the banks, because Citigroup exec's didn't even have to fly in on a private jet to get the money...the government delivered it right to their front door like Domino's Pizza.

I wonder what will happen while I sleep tonight?

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