Friday, January 9, 2009

Congress Goes Muslim

no more bacon for you Congress!

Fresh out of the prison that is the campaign trail, John McCain linked back up with his favorite co-defendent in Sen. Russ Feingold to enlighten their brothas on poison that is pork.

McCain and Feingold announced that they will push for reform on adding earmarks to bills coming out of Capitol Hill.

The same group of people who chastised auto execs for flying to Washington to ask for money approved $188,000 in spending for The Lobster Institute in Maine; $212,000 for fruit fly research in France; and $125,000 for a Mother's Day shrine in West Virginia.

The irony is killing me right now.

This quote by Feingold might be the worst one of the entire article:

"We can't afford this; we simply can't afford it," he said. "And we ridicule it, but we also are saddened by it because it's obvious that at least some members of Congress don't know how serious the fiscal situation we're in is or they would not be making these kinds of proposals."

If Young Jeezy knows it's a recession, how don't elected officials who get paid big bucks to represent us in these matters?

Something to think about this weekend.

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