Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And that was the 2008 presidential debate season

The most important voter ever

Wasn't that fun? Now the debates are in the books, and nothing really happened. John McCain finally mentioned Bill Ayers, but no one cared. Both the CBS and CNN polls say Barack Obama won the third and final debate. We're now 18 days from away from the election, and there's no more conventions, no more debates, it's all up to the two campaigns to manufacture their own successes and failures. Unless Joe The Plumber (pictured?) has anything to say about it. His vote apparently is worth more than all the rest of ours combined, because that's what it says in the Constitution.

Unless Bill Ayers flies a plane into Joe The Plumber's Mushroom Kingdom Castle, the big issue is still the economy, which is only going to benefit the Dems.

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