Monday, October 20, 2008

Fifty, Twenty, Ten, Five, One.

This is what $600 Million looks like.

Apparently alot of people believe in change.

Barack Obama smashed fund raising records with a $150 million month in September. When you add up the numbers in the title of this entry, you get $86, the average contribution per donor.

September's fund raising numbers put Obama over $600 million total for this election...sit and think about that for a second.

The company you work for (or got laid off from) most likely doesn't bring in that much money in a year.

I'm sure there were a few max contributions ($2300 is the most an individual can give to a campaign), but for the most part the lion's share of that money came from people like me and you.

People are complaining about a the cost of gas, the cost of food, a lack of healthcare, lack of jobs, eroding 401(k)'s and a myriad of other problems, but they managed to scrap together $86 to give to a man who already had over $400 million.

And for what? So him and Biden can ride around in Obama Edition Maybach's or something?

Where does that money go when the election is over? He can't possibly spend it all in the next few weeks, does that mean you get your contribution back?

Somebody sarcastically commented on a message board that Barack Obama could probably pay down the national debt with a reality that idea doesn't sound far fetched at this point.

If that was to ever happen, that would be some change I can believe in...until then i'll use my $86 to put some gas in my car and some food in my fridge.

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