Monday, July 21, 2008

Admatic: McCain implies Obama responsible for rising gas prices

Finally, our first ad (from one of the official campaigns) to start hitting below the belt. Titled "Pump," the ad blames high gas prices on "some in Washington who are saying 'no' to drilling in America." And by "some in Washington" they mean the junior Senator from Illinois.

Ignoring the fact that gas prices have been rising since before Obama was even elected to the US Senate (remember the outcry when gas was $2 a gallon?) the ad doesn't really explain why McCain's plan will actually lead to lower gas prices. It makes an allusion to "more energy," but not when or by how much gas prices would actually decrease if we started drilling more in America. Even McCain himself admitted more offshore drilling would mainly have a "psychological" benefit and that he didn't know how long it would take before we would see lower prices at the pump. If you're going to take a cheap shot, at least base it on something tangible.

The ad begins airing in Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin this week.

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