Monday, July 7, 2008

Johnny Sack appears in pro-Coleman ad

Hey, look. It's an actual kinda celebrity in a political ad. Vincent Curatola, aka Johnny Sack from The Sopranos, is in the new ad sponsored by the Minnesota chapter of Coaltion for a Democratic Workplace (CDW.) The ad centers around the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill currently stalled in the US Senate that would allow for employees to unionize if a majority of workers sign their support for a union, without having to go through a formal election. Supporters (like Al Franken and apparently those shifty Eyetalians) say it allows employees easier access to the benefits of being in a union, while opponents (like CDW and Norm Coleman) say that allowing employees to unionize without voting in a secret ballot election robs them of their privacy.

Stay tuned to see if any other supporting actors from off-the-air HBO shows make any more appearances in political ads. Bonus points go to whoever can get him to appear in an ad.

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