Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The FUN never stops

He looks like a big ol kid out there!

So Brett Favre's maybe kinda coming back to ruin his legacy. He cried on Greta Van Susteren's surprisingly firm shoulders and ripped Ted Thompson on Fox News. He's only "guilty of retiring too early" and wants to come back (but how dare anyone ask the Mighty Slinger of Guns to possibly maybe be a backup.)

I don't see why people in Wisconsin are so surprised. This is a guy who built his career on ignoring all common sense and just "having fun," a guy who threw Javon Walker under the bus and showed a horrible lack of leadership and a guy who annually held the Packers offseason hostage with his "will he or won't he" waffling. Now Green Bay and the adoring preteen girls that make up the national media are finding out what everyone else already knew; that Brett Favre is a selfish jerk. Life's not all crawfish boils and Wrangler jeans.

And I don't want to see him in purple unless he's carrying Tarvaris Jackson's bags.

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