Tuesday, July 22, 2008


John McCain's campaign blasted the media's love-affair with Barack Obama by setting up an online contest on his website. Two videos filled with clips of media personalities praising Obama are set to swooning love songs. Whichever video gets the most online votes will be broadcast as a TV ad.

While Obama has been getting the lion's share of positive coverage and some of the things said in these videos (which can be viewed at the bottom of this post) border on seventh-grade-girlish, McCain can't possibly think this is going to have any positive effect on his standing in the polls. Just like it didn't help Adlai Stevenson, Barry Goldwater, Walter Mondale or Bob Dole when they
complained about unfair media coverage. Even if it's true, all it does is make you look mad and bring more attention to your opponent.

The irony of this is for years other Republicans complained about the media being too lapdogish FOR McCain. It was seen as one of the reasons he was able to stay close to George W Bush in the 2000 Republican primaries and why he was able to rebound from a poor 2007 and win the 2008 GOP nomination. It has to seem odd that now McCain is the one whining about the media being too nice to his opponent.

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