Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finally, some attack ads

After the opening ads of the general election where Barack Obama and John McCain tried their best to be bland and vague, the guns are starting to come out. The topic is energy.

This past weekend, the Republican National Committee unveiled this ad, titled "Balance." It touts McCain's willingness to break with his party and his "balanced plan" of alternative fuels, offshore drilling, and conservation. The ad goes on to say that Obama has "no new solutions" and is just another Demmy-crat.

The Obama campaign fired back with an ad titled "New Energy." In it, Obama insists that McCain is actually the one toeing the party line, stating that he "voted with Bush 95% of the time" and wants to give tax breaks to oil companies, whereas Obama is the one who will give tax breaks to working families (presumably not ones who work for oil companies) and make "energy independence an urgent priority."

Click here for Obama's ad, as it's too damn big to embed. And it's actually the ad, not anything having to do with schoolteachers in Iowa.

I'm just glad we're seeing some ads with teeth as opposed to the standard "photos of me when I was younger/helping people/holding flags" ads we've been seeing from the official campaigns so far.

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