Thursday, July 17, 2008

John McCain Cares About Black People

Senator John McCain did something George Bush never did as President before he was even elected...he spoke at the NAACP Convention on Wednesday.

During his speech he praised Obama for inspriring millions of Americans to come out and vote in the primaries.

The phrase that paid during the speech was school choice though, as McCain talked about school reform as an important issue in the upcoming campaign.

School choice is a gray area at best...there has been no concrete evidence that low-income students do any better or worse in a school system with school choice, but there is evidence that school choice is the figurative pulling of the life support of a struggling public school system.

He also proposed programs for certifying more teachers and funding for virtual schools and online courses.

There was some other rah rah, but the main point is that McCain is actually willing to sit in a room and talk to black people, which could be seen as a sign of progress...or something like that.

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