Friday, July 11, 2008

Pawlenty says he's "not being vetted" by McCain

He has since trimmed the mullet

Ever since John McCain secured the Republican nomination, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has been talked about as a possible running mate. He's a moderate Republican (like McCain,) young (unlike McCain,) from a battleground state and he's been openly supporting McCain's bid for the White House since 2006. As the City Pages pointed out in this excellent piece last month, Pawlenty's even willing to change his long standing views to make himself a more attractive running mate.

Now he's saying that he's not even being considered for VP. HE told the Pioneer Press he doesn't know anything about a possible selection.

I'm not aware that I'm under consideration

If this isn't just spin, it would come as a shock that a guy touted as one of the favorites for months isn't even being considered anymore. My guess is spin is exactly what this is. I see you trying to downplay your chances, Tim. You're not slick.

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