Friday, June 6, 2008

Airlines on Course to Crash Land

The days of flying cross country whenever you want may be numbered.

The airlines survived 9/11, but it doesn't seem like they'll make it through $135.

In the face of record-high oil prices American and United Airlines, the nation's two biggest commercial carriers, have grounded flights and cut up to 12% of their routes. Continental Airlines has also foll cut 3000 jobs and slashed capacity

Similar to the new policy on charging for the second piece of checked luggage, expect this trend to trickle down throughout the rest of the industry in coming months as the airline industry does whatever it can to stay afloat through this economic downturn.

Continental Airlines has already followed suit today by cutting 3000 jobs and slashing capacity by 11%.

What this means to you is that it's about to become more expensive and inconvenient to fly until either the economy gets it's act together, or airlines find a more cost-efficient way to do business.

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