Friday, June 13, 2008

The Straight Dope on Taxes

Neither of these guys will fix your tax problems

Apparently, Barack Obama and John McCain are arguing over who will take less of your money over the next four years.

John McCain is saying that Barack Obama's tax plan will add over a trillion dollars in new taxes over the next ten years, when economists have already said that his plan will lower taxes for the low and middle classes.

The fatal flaw in Republican thought about taxes is that it assumes that all businesses are moral. We all know they are not.

Their theory is that if you cut taxes for the rich, they will re-invest the money into their businesses to create more jobs for the lower and middle classes. But in reality, they take that extra money, streamline their businesses, and move jobs overseas. Rich people get rich by saving money, not spending it.

The problem with taxing the rich to balance the budget is that the rich will get rid of their bigger expenses (managers and such) to make up the difference, and you're still out of a job because "times are tough."

The choice is yours.

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