Monday, June 30, 2008

Clinton Strongarms Obama to Repay Campaign Debt

Only in America can you nearly sabotage a political party and still have the clout to demand help repaying the campaign you ran into the ground. (In other countries they just take the money)

The buzz over the weekend involves Hillary and Bill Clinton's comments that they won't be able to campaign for Barack Obama unless he helps them pay down the debt Hill Dawg ran up during her campaign.

Obama and his wife wrote personal checks totaling $4,600 as a symbolic gesture that's supposed to coerce Obama's massive donor network to give to Clinton's campaign.

The Clinton's still have a massive amount of clout in the Democratic party, so unfortunately Obama has to help them out to increase his chances of winning in November.

This would be like Ralph Nader asking Al Gore for $20 to get home after George Bush's inauguration ceremony.

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