Thursday, June 26, 2008

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Video Crops

The hell kind of state is this?

The US Senate race in Minnesota between Norm Coleman and Al Franken has officially turned weird. Some liberal blogs in Minnesota accused the Coleman campaign of super-imposing Senator Coleman's wife Laurie into an ad. Check it out.

The position of Laurie Coleman in the kitchen, the way that she appears brighter than the rest of the commercial, the delayed reactions and the fact that she lives in California were what started the speculation. But the Coleman campaign called it goofy conspiracy theory by left-leaning liberals and stated that she was there the whole time. There's pics and video of her on the set, so that was that and we got on with the rest of our lives.

Until now. The Coleman campaign shot back at the accusations with another commercial. The point is either that Al Franken isn't a "real" Minnesotan or that Norm is a big fan of the "role play" segment on PTI.

Wow. Personally, I don't see what the big deal was over the first video. Even if it was done with a green screen (and judging from the behind the scenes footage it was not,) so what? It's a TV commercial. What difference does it make if his wife was actually there or not? And since that myth (which was a petty and superficial thing to get upset over to begin with) has been debunked, why make the new spot? All it does is draw attention to something that was bound to be forgotten by the end of the month anyway.

And NEITHER of these guys were actually born here (they're both originally from NYC,) so who gives a rat's ass who's more of a "real" Minnesotan? As far as I'm concerned, neither one of them gets to play that card. Now will these two PLEASE talk about something "real" Minnesotans care about? Like Kevin Love's outlet passing.

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