Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stand Down, Stupid.

Somebody needs to silence her instead.

With every major news outlet now declaring Barack Obama as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, attention has begun to Hillary Clinton's unwillingness to concede her campaign.

At her speech in NYC after a primary win in South Dakota and a loss in Montana to end the primary voting, she announced that she would not be making a decision to withdraw from the race.

Clinton hasn't been close to Obama in delegates since his streak of 10 consecutive primary victories in February, but she has hung on and annoyed us all by fighting the inevitable kicking and screaming like a little girl who's mother won't let her get the newest Barbie doll.

According to a New York Times article, Clinton-backers are campaigning for Hillary to be added to Obama's ticket as the Vice President, but given the aggressive nature of Hillary's campaign against Obama, this seems highly unlikely.

If the Democrats expect to have any chance of getting back the White House in November, it's time for them to band together to tell Hillary Clinton thanks for the good show, but its time to go.

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