Thursday, June 5, 2008

Three HS seniors barred from grad ceremonies for idiocy

Not them, but would you be surprised?

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press, three seniors at Bloomington Kenndey High School will not be allowed to walk at graduation ceremonies for waving Confederate flags in the school parking lot on Tuesday.

The kids say they weren't being racist, just showing their love of "southern culture," which apparently includes "engines, pickup trucks and The Dukes of Hazzard." A mother of one of the boys even said that they didn't realize the flag has racist connotations.

There's nothing at all "southern" about Bloomington, Minnesota. It's bitterly cold in the winter, has many bland restaurants and is populated with slow football players. So I can see wanting to emulate the South. But you REALLY couldn't have found a different, less racist way to do it? Really? Especially when, according to the principal, one of these kids was suspended within the last year for doing the same thing? Come on, now.

Okay, so these kids say they aren't racist. Though flying a Confederate flag makes it a bit hard to believe that, I'll take their word for it. But even if they aren't bigots, they're still morons for not thinking they would get in trouble for it, and if they really don't understand that the Confederate flag has very racist overtones, then they probably shouldn't receive a high school diploma in the first place because they obviously slept through history class.

Besides, people not from the south who talk about "southern pride" are complete tools anyway. So there's that.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously the person writing this is pretty uneducated himself and slept through more than just history class. Flying a confederate flag does not make you racist. I am southern born and a student of history, especially the civil war. I have friends all over the world that are of African American descent, they know my lineage and i know theirs as well. The ignorance of people like you and this principal are what make this a racist issue. Only one in ten people in the south even owned slaves at that time. The Civil War was not started over the issue of slavery. It was started over what was perceived as a violation of "states rights". Also, why don't you check out some of that southern history that you yankees (northerners) find so detestable and racist, and you will see that there were quite a few blacks that fought for the south. Don't forget that old "Honest Abe" wasn't so honest. He came from a slave owning family as well. There were sure enough a lot of rich yankees that earned their living off of the backs of slaves and the cotton industry. So next time you want to spout racism, you had better check your wood pile first pal.....