Monday, June 23, 2008

Guess Who's Back

Tom Brokaw, w/gravitas

NBC has announced that Tom Brokaw will take over the late Tim Russert's position as host of Meet The Press. Brokaw will host the Sunday morning show through the election season.

NBC still has not determined what they will do post-Election with Russert's former spot.

In my opinion, they couldn't have done a better job picking a replacement, even if only a temporary one. He doesn't come with the baggage of a Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews and is one of the few old school national news anchors that stayed relevant and never suffered an embarrassing late-career episode like Dan Rather with the Bush papers.

Brokaw and Russert were my favorite combo to watch during Election Nights (the Russert white board will never be duplicated)

To salute Brokaw's return to television, here's his epic reporting of Gerald Ford's seath (NOTE, not actually him and not actually covering Gerald Ford's death.)

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